This Will Build Your Child’s Confidence!

Online Martial Arts Classes to help your child be ready for the situations life will throw at them!

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Overcome Anxiety & Fear
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Learn Self Defence
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Build Resilience
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Do You Struggle With

  • Knowing what your child can do that will not only make them fit and strong but make them a better human being?
  • Watching them fall behind in school and study because of a lack of focus?
  • Finding the thing they will fall in love with?
  • What you can do to help them build better relationships?
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Kellie Ann

I just want to thank everyone in the WAIMA team. In these times of uncertainty, isolation, home schooling & living one day at a time, your online classes are literally a stability in our household at the moment. RJ & Asiah love being able to choose when they want to set up their training area, and where, and what classes they want to do. Asiah even jumped into her first Muay Thai class today! And the challenges are a bonus distraction from online studies. So thank you once again, every one of you rock!!

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You Want The Best For Your Child, We Are Parents As Well So We Understand


We get it, raising a child in today’s environment is hard. You’re constantly battling negative influences from the media, their school friends and social environment.

It’s tough to know what you can do to equip them for their future.

It’s why we developed this 4 week program to help your child get stronger, fitter and have more confidence

How it works

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1. Choose the package that best suits you

You will be given complete access to the online training and community

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2. Plan and activate

Best results come from creating a routine. Mark out the times each day/week your child will train and start training.

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3. Enjoy watching your child excel at life

They will get stronger, fitter, more respectful and confident ready to take on the adventure of life.

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This Is What You Will Receive

  • Martial arts classes for the whole family
  • Online personal training sessions plus one on one
  • Parent support and workshops
  • Motivational videos
  • Weekly challenges to keep your child interested
  • Cyber safety classes
  • A community of parents wanting the same for their child as you do.

Join a national movement of families coming together to have a more purposeful and focused life.

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Here's What Some of Our WAIMA Families Are Saying

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Tania Wright

Brooklyn loving his online training session!

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Cynthia Robinson

Todays lunch time class (home schooling phys ed lesson) and Elite class.

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Renae Porter

What a great family activity to do together

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Kelsey Bushe‎

This is awesome guys, thank you so much for providing these classes our kids love getting on and doing all the fun exercises and focus games 

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Nathan van den Broek

The classes are so fun and engaging, it's just what we need.

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Adam Brandish

Team Brandish are loving the Online training. The training is so interactive and fun

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Julia Polkinghorne

WAIMA inspired home schooling today. Renshi Tom told the kids to find out what a Shogun was, so we learnt all about ancient Japan, then played a Shogun game which involved lots of counting. Then we used Shihan Graham's video on ninja star origami to make shurikens. Thanks for the inspiration team!

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Casey Russell

First virtual training session completed. I had such a good time in tonight's muay thai class 😍 It was nice to get glimpses of everyone else training too. Thanks so much, all you guys rock 😎💪💜

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