We are a martial arts inspired lifestyle that focuses on giving individuals and families a place to grow mentally, physically and emotionally all in one place.


A Community Dedicated To Serving You In Every Moment Of Life

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A Martial Arts inspired lifestyle for the whole family. Martial Arts is a tried and tested activity to level yourself up mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our students have access to world class resources. This includes professional as well as personal development resources which help keep them motivated and driven to succeed.

Getting yourself fit for life and all the challenges that life throws your way should be fun. We have created the perfect fitness program to get you results

Every Single One Of Us Has A Unique Hidden Potential

Here at WAIMA it's our mission to help adults, parents and their kids to find and unlock that potential allowing them to step up and into life. We do this by creating a community of like-minded people that inspire each other to achieve greatness.